Real Dirt.  Real People.
Real Wine.

Come, pour a glass of wine and join us under the shade of the Ancient Oak tree.  Enjoy this wine with us – a celebration of the dirt and the people that come together to create Ancient Oak Cellars’ wine.

For more than one hundred years, our namesake – the Ancient Oak – has presided over the Siebert Ranch, witnessing many seasons and generations of vines. We now live here and tend the Pinot Noir vines we helped Grandpa Henry plant.

We have the pleasure of working other family lands as well: Zinfandel from the Pagnano family; Cabernet, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc from the Berger family; Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the Cartan family; and Cabernet and Pinot Noir from the Warnecke family. These lands are farmed by us and by the families that live on them, with the help of dedicated vineyard workers that have worked the land for many years. Winemaker Kent Barthman does the final magic of turning grapes into wine.

For us and for our family-farming partners, our relationship to the land is direct; sustainable farming is what you do when you live on and work the land in trust for your children and grandchildren.

Enjoy our wine — an expression of the deep connection and dedication we have to the dirt that grows the grapes, and the people who tend the land and make the wine.   Cheers!

-Melissa and Ken Moholt-Siebert

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