The Siebert Ranch is Ancient Oak Cellars’ home ranch, where owners Ken and Melissa Moholt-Siebert live and raise their family, sheep, chickens, and a big vegetable garden. It is also the sight of the eponymous Ancient Oak, which is in the middle of their 31-acre ranch. The property has been in Ken’s family for more about 60 years, starting with his grandparents Henry and Elizabeth Siebert. It is planted to Pommard 4 clone Pinot Noir.

Arnulfo Becerra is the long-time vineyard employee who does the lions-share of the work on the ranch, with Ken’s careful guidance. Juan Moreno works with Arnulfo on the major projects of the year: pruning, tying, and training the vines, as well as suckering, leafing, dropping fruit…the work never seems to end.

The Pommard 4 Pinot Noir produces Pinot with structure and “backbone.” For the Siebert Ranch Pinot Noir, we use the hillside “block 5” vines, which produces smaller clusters and berries, contributing to the intensity of the resulting wine. The Ancient Oak Cellars’ Siebert Ranch Pinot Noir has deep fruit, black raspberry and cherry, and hints of cola notes, combined with an upwelling of earthiness, finishing with spice. They are aged in 100% French barrels, about 35% new, for at least 18 months.

Photo of Ancient Oak Pinot Noir – Siebert Ranch – Russian River Valley

Ancient Oak Pinot Noir – Siebert Ranch – Russian River Valley

Henry Siebert planted our family’s vines on the east side of the Russian River Valley when he was 80.  One hillside vineyard was saved as best and last.  His grandson (and Ancient Oak Cellars’ co-owner) Ken Moholt-Siebert helped plant it, as did Arnulfo Becerra, who continues to lovingly prune and tend the vines.  The hillside […]

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