Rosé of Pinot Noir "Lucy"

Our Rosé is made in the saignée  method: the Pinot Noir grapes are sorted, de-stemmed, and lightly crushed, then put into a tank.  After a short time of contact with the skins, which imparts color, a small portion of the juice is drained (or, in French, “bled”) off, and is used to make the rosé.  The remaining juice and grapes are used to make a traditional Pinot Noir, with slightly more intensity due to the concentration provided by taking off some of the liquid.  Our rosé is fermented slowly, at a low temperature, to maintain the delightful aromas found in the Pinot Noir grapes we use for this wine.

Ancient Oak Cellars’ Rosé of Pinot is named after our sweet and wonderful daughter Lucy.  The wine itself is wonderful – but not sweet (it is a dry rosé).  It has lovely strawberry and watermelon flavors and a gorgeous color.

Photo of Ancient Oak Cellars – Rosé of Pinot “Lucy” – Sonoma County

Ancient Oak Cellars – Rosé of Pinot “Lucy” – Sonoma County

There are delightful aromas that are expressed early in the fermentation process of these Pinot Noir grapes.  We capture these by draining off a small amount of the juice very early, just as the skins have begun to impart some of their color to the juice, and fermenting it slowly, at a low temperature, to […]

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