The Pagnano Vineyard is just south of the town of Fulton, off Fulton Road – between Wood and San Miguel.  Nearby vineyards include famed Zinfandel vineyards such as Tom Feeney, Fanucchi-Wood, Rodney Strong, and Goldfields.

Across the narrow country lane was the one-time Vera Gold Ranch and Vineyard, with its heritage old vine Zinfandel.  Today, Vera Gold is no more, having been ripped out and regraded to form vernal pools as remediation habitat for the endangered Tiger Salamander.  But in 1998, with gorgeous views of Mt. St. Helena and open pastures with wildflowers as their backdrop, Bill Pagnano and his dad salvaged budwood from the best vines of the Vera Gold Zinfandel to plant the little Pagnano Vineyard.

Ancient Oak Cellars’ Pagnano Vineyard Zinfandel expresses great intensity of fruit – explosive blackberry and dark cherry – aromas of boysenberry and pine, accents of anise, and full tannins.


Photo of Ancient Oak Zinfandel – Pagnano Vineyard – Russian River Valley

Ancient Oak Zinfandel – Pagnano Vineyard – Russian River Valley

Bill Pagnano and his dad rescued heritage budwood from a neighbor’s hundred-year-old vines to plant their vineyard. Now we farm the head-pruned vines traditionally with minimal irrigation but train the vines upright for improved light and air access. The wine shows spice, black raspberry, bramble, and a hint of peat on the nose, with an […]

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