Our grapes are from our estate vineyard, Siebert Ranch, and a few other small, family-owned vineyards, which are certified by the prestigious LODI Rules sustainability program and/or are part of the California Winegrowers Sustainability Alliance.

Sustainable agriculture is defined as fulfilling the following goals:

Sustain the economic viability of farm operations:

We do much work around the farm ourselves, with the help of one very dedicated employee who treats the land, plants, and animals with great  care and love.

Enhance environmental quality and the natural resource base upon which the agricultural economy depends:

  •  Only half our farm is vineyard; we maintain the other half for pasture, woodland and creek habitat.
  •  We maintain a permanent sod cover in our vineyard to promote a robust habitat for  wildlife diversity.

Satisfy human food and fiber needs:

Our vineyards are part of a diverse family farm;  we also have sheep, which graze the grass and provide wool and meat, a few chickens for eggs, and a large kitchen garden.


Make the most efficient use of non-renewable resources and integrate natural biological cycles and controls:

  • We use a water-efficient drip irrigation system.
  • We graze our sheep in the vineyards, which saves mowing with equipment and the resulting soil compaction, fossil fuel use, etc.
  • We mulch the annual prunings and compost manure to return nutrients to the soil.
  •  We encourage native songbirds and native hawks and barn owls that in turn help us by controlling insects, gophers and rodents.

Enhance the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole:

  • Our farm is part of a greenbelt and scenic corridor; we believe maintaining this property as a farm stands for the continued viability of farming and provides “green” benefits to the city as well.
  • We share our love of this land with many urban friends for whom this farm is their lens to view and understand farming.

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