Ken Moholt-Siebert

Ken Moholt-Siebert (Owner), a native of Berkeley, California, prepared for his farm career by studying Classics at UC Berkeley and then Pomona College, then receiving a Masters in Architecture from the University of Oregon. Ken was very close to his grandparents when growing up and spent summers and holidays working the ranch with his grandfather, Henry. Working the farm — from a time before it was planted anew with grapes — Ken developed an abiding love for it, which was why, after two decades as an architect, Ken chose to carry forward another generation in farming. With the Pinot Noir from the home ranch receiving critical success in single-vineyard bottlings by other wineries, Ken and Melissa saw the opportunity to create their own label and a sustainable family business: Ancient Oak Cellars. Ken manages Ancient Oak Cellars’ own vineyards and relations with our grape growers.