Photo of Ancient Oak Chardonnay – Sonoma County – 2008

Ancient Oak Chardonnay – Sonoma County – 2008

Soils seasoned with volcanic stones, Sonoma loam, lazy summer afternoons followed closely by cool Pacific fog, and lots of manual labor go into our Chardonnay. The grapes, from small family vineyards in the Russian River Valley and other appellations in Sonoma County, were harvested in late September and early October when the balance of tannins, sugar and acid were at the critical balance point. After fermentation we aged the wine in 100% stainless steel tanks to keep the pure chardonnay flavors.

We strive to make a graceful Chardonnay whose nuances will enhance different foods on the palate. We want to surprise and interest you with flavors – citrus, baked fruit, and honey – a rich mouthfeel,and a long finish worth savoring.

A balanced Chardonnay is one of the most versatile of wines. Ancient Oak Cellars’ Sonoma County Chardonnay is a comfortable companion that will continue to reward you with each sip throughout the evening. Of course it truly shines with good food. There is enough brightness and acidity to work even with unusual appetizers with an Asian or spicy twist. At the same time, there is complexity to the flavors and a rich, toasty mouthfeel that will complement cheese, meats or baked dishes. If you are a dedicated white wine drinker, you will rely on this Chardonnay no matter what the entree, and if you are a red wine drinker, you will still prefer this wine for many food pairings.

In Sonoma County, the consistent climate pattern during the summer growing season – no rain, cool, often foggy mornings followed by sunny, warm afternoons, and an evening cool-down ensure the harvest of nearly perfect fruit. The lack of rain means the vine vigor is naturally kept in check and easily controlled. It also means that the fruit is very clean of disease and undiluted by rainwater at harvest. The consistent mid-day and afternoon sun develops rich flavor in the grape skins. The cooling fog eliminates excessive heat that, in other climates, breaks down those flavors, builds excessive sugar, excessively reduces the natural acids, or burns the fruit.
Sonoma County is one of the finest places to grow Chardonnay in the world. Ancient Oak Cellars seeks to show off Sonoma County’s best with our Chardonnay. It is not about pretension or hype; it is about being in the right place to make the right wine. To this end we source some of the best fruit in the County and then let the grapes make the wine.

Wine Program:
Composition: 100% Chardonnay
Appellation: Sonoma County
Alcohol Percentage: 13.7%
Status: Sold Out
Vintage: 2008
pH at Harvest: 3.54
tA at Harvest: 0.65g/100ml

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