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Veraison and Amaryllis

If you drove up the driveway to Siebert Ranch this time of year, you might notice two things: that the grapes are changing color, and that there are rows of brilliant flowers lining the road.  While many of you know that correlation does not equal causation, we do really enjoy this particular coincidence.  The flowers are called amaryllis — or “naked ladies” for the way they grow leaves, die back and then grow flowers among the dead leaves, thus being “naked” of leaves.  They just begin blooming at the beginning of veraison (grapes turning color) in the Pinot Noir we have at Siebert Ranch, are fully blooming at around 75% through veraison, and are dying back at harvest.  For all of us, the first flowers signal the beginning of the countdown to harvest, and then mark the time with us as we wait with bated breath.

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