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Updates from the Vineyards

Here are some updates from some of our vineyards.  As harvest nears, there’s lots happening these days, so look for more news soon.

Siebert Ranch Pinot (August 16th):
Sunny, but lovely refreshing breeze here in Santa Rosa. Pinot is about 90% colored up in block 4, Siebert Ranch and we’ve done a green drop. That would suggest we are 4 or 5 weeks out from harvest, depending upon weather and the winery’s definition of ripeness. The other blocks are a bit behind.  Quality looks fantastic.


Pagnano Zin (August 14th):
Color beginning to show in the Zin, with Mt. St. Helena in the background. This cluster more advanced than most in the block. It will be the end of the month before we’ve got color throughout and another month after that before harvest.



Warnecke Cab and Merlot (August 1st):
Beginning to show a little bit of color in the Cab, with more in the Merlot (about 30%).  Here’s Alice Warnecke showing how happy she is with the fantastic crop they have going there.  The weather has been just about perfect this summer; with a nice warm fall this looks to be an exceptional vintage from the vineyards’ perspective.


Cartan Pinot and Chard (July 19th):
Jim and Nancy are our most recently added family farming partners.  They grow some lovely Pinot and Chardonnay near the Laguna.  They are a great addition to our Russian River Pinot and Russian River Chardonnay wines.  We are looking for great things to come from this vineyard.


Berger Cab, Merlot, and Cab Franc:
Look for a post about this vineyard coming soon…

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