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Today is Sheep-shearing Day at the Siebert Ranch

I imagine it’s not too much different now than when my great-great grandpa Burt was shearing sheep in Eastern Montana – though he had an order of magnitude more sheep than we do.  It is hard physical work – no way around that.  Paul shears our sheep after a long day as a butcher at a local shop.  Fortunately for him, today was a very cool foggy day.


Even so he’s dripping with sweat before long.  Moving those sheep around and getting in close to those lanolin pelts is hot and smelly.  Ken, Lucy, and Arnulfo help bring the sheep in and move them out once they’re shorn.  Paul is patient and careful.  The sheep seem to trust him once they’re in his hands.  We have 34 ewes, a ram named Pitzer,  and 15 ram-lambs and six ewe-lambs that were born this year.  Lots of shearing to do.


Fortunately for the sheep, I don’t think they realize how ridiculous they look when they’re freshly-shorn!  More like goats than sheep.

Well, before long the seasons will turn and the sheep will be long with wool and ready for the winter ahead.

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4 Responses to “Today is Sheep-shearing Day at the Siebert Ranch”

  1. lorinda says:

    you are a fine writer, MJM-S……….
    Reckon we should ‘put in’ for a lamb! LM

  2. Ray Moholt says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t shearing all those sheep; herding would have been fun though. 15 ram-lambs equals lots of good lamb dinners!

  3. mjms47 says:

    Lamb dinner equals yum! Let’s cook some in our wood-fired oven in the yard this fall.

  4. mjms47 says:

    We’ll save the best one for you!

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