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Great year in the Pagnano Vineyard Zinfandel

The Pagnano Vineyard – home of our 91-point zinfandel, is looking fantastic this year.  We have a well-balanced crop: healthy but not too vigorous growth of shoots and leaves, and a crop that is a good size to ripen well.

Right now we’re going through the vineyard and thinning shoots as needed, pulling leaves to provide more light and air to the grape clusters, and checking everything over.  This leaves a blanket of shoots and leaves on the ground in between the rows.


Ken helped Juan and Arnulfo – who are doing the bulk of the work on this.  Here he is pulling leaves from around the grape clusters.  It takes LOTS of time to work through the vineyard this carefully, but it also provides us with a very detailed view of how the vines are growing and how the grapes are developing.  This gives us intimate knowledge of the vineyard that is invaluable when it comes time to harvest.


When going through the vineyard vine-by-vine as they are, sometime Arnulfo and Juan find some special treats!  We farm this vineyard with an eye toward care of all the plants and animals that make the Pagnano Vineyard home – not just our zinfandel vines.

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  1. Ray Moholt says:

    More great Zin coming; and thanks for taking care of that birds nest.
    Ray M.

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