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Musings on the Life of a Winegrape

It is hard to imagine now, in the quiet stillness of a spring morning, the crazy excitement that is the reality we live in at harvest time.  Thinking about the life cycle of a vineyard, the life cycle of the winegrape, made me think of one of my favorite videos ever.  The Sonoma County Winegrape Commission made this gorgeous video, called Life of a Winegrape , to  show the seasons of the vineyard.  I HIGHLY recommend you take a few minutes to look at this.

We are having a much better water year this year than in the past two, so we are hopeful that that the vines will appreciate the good soaking they have been getting and that we will have a better harvest this year.  We’ve had some fantastic help at harvest time these past several years.  I thought I’d share some harvest photos.

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