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Hints of fruit to come

We are busy with Spring preparations here. After one of those rare days when the marine air is pushed well off-shore, today the fog is back and the sun is just beginning to peek through. The vine canes have 3 or 4 leaves and vaunt the thimbles of tiny chartreuse pearls that will, if all goes well, become the grape clusters.

With the recent strong rains the grass is growing tall again in the vineyard. It is a shame we can’t graze the sheep any more in the vineyard, but some have demonstrated a liking for grape leaves.

We are preparing for our first spray, likely toward the end of this week. Our vines have tested low in zinc the last number of years, and zinc is important for fruit set. We need to get the zinc on before the vine blooms, but we also need enough leaf area upon which to deposit the zinc. Zinc tends to bind to the soil, so it is best to apply to the leaves, rather than to the soil.


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