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A Special Early Easter Basket

We got an early Easter basket at the ranch/vineyard.  Ken found these killdeer eggs in the field.  This well-hidden ground nest contained some of the most beautiful Easter eggs we could imagine.  Mom made her long-trill distress sound and feigned a broken wing to try to draw us away.  As soon as we admired the eggs, we left them to her care.

Signs of new life and hope are all around us.  We have pear and apple trees in full bloom, the vines budding out, gorgeous fresh calla lilies, 21 sprightly lambs (and a few more to come), a beautiful field of lupin on the hillside, seeds sprouting in the raised vegetable beds, and – very exciting – the mare next door is expecting a foal sometime in the next month.

This is a time of such abiding promise.  May you be filled with the hope and joy of Springtime.

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